How to select colors to a design (Best Practices)


Most of Developer / New Designers related to the software development field are finding a way to select a color scheme to their designs because creating a color scheme is essential to good design.

I need to mentioned that applying a perfect color theme is not the only way to make a good design, you need to think about various things such as Shape, Typography, balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast and space, Content Structure etc.. 🙂

Most of time I personally select the Material Design color palate for a instant modern design or search a nice web on the internet use  and get the colors 🙂  If you want to know the basis of the color theories please read  first

Its better to define color pallet (less than 5 colors is perfect)  before start a design. There are no any theories behind that I still believe using a single color with few shades you can do a fantastic job.

Don’t worry there are 100 of online tools available for your help. I have gathered together some fantastic tools to help you perfect your color choices.

01. Adobe Colour CC

02. Mudcube Colour Sphere

03. Check my Colours

04. The Color App

05. Color Hunter

06. TinEye

07. Color


09. Designspiration

10. ColorExplorer

11. Hex Color Scheme Generator.

12. COLOURlovers

13. Color Scheme Designer


15. Colourmod

16. ColorZilla

17. Colormunki


19. ColourGrab

20. ColorBlender

21. GrayBit


23. Shutterstock Spectrum

24. Stripe Generator 2.0

25. Colors on the Web

26. Pictaculous

27. Contrast-A

28. ColoRotate




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