Sketch the best UX design tool I have ever used

As a UX designer I have used several design tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Axure, Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop but I need to let you know that Sketch is the best UX design tool that I have ever used. I am recommending to use that because of the following reasons.

Sketch the best UX design tool can create reusable elements called symbols

This is the most wonderful feature in sketch and its the top feature come to mind. In my recent project there were around 200 screens and in the end of the designing release the client needed to change the header design layout (WTF aaah) I have fortunately used reusable header component in the sketch app and it reduced my designing time in 200 time 🙂 because I had to change just one place and the all screens were changed automatically accordingly. Pleas read more how to use symbols in sketch

Sketch tool can create interactive prototype easily

The second best feature that comes to my mind is sketch tool can create a interactive prototype with less time so you can present your design to the client and share among the developers easily. To do it in a smart way you just need to install the craft plugin for the invision app (because your client may not have installed sketch to view the prototype and invision can do this job for you) and you can link your design and update to invision just one click. please refer how to do prototype with sketch using this link

The best UX design tool Sketch is more reliable and fast

During my designing release the app has never crashed even though i am using more than 200 artboards at one time. The app has automatic saved your unsaved document so you do not worry to save the things. the most of other UX designing tools comes as online tools therefore those tools are not fit to large UX project but may easy to use with small projects that comes less changes.

Sketch can go backward at any time

This tool has a great feature that can go backward at any date (saved). In practical your design is changing time to time as a practice you may save a copy and continue works but in sketch tool you need not to worry about keeping the versions you can go backward and see the all changes that you have done and go forward vise versa. See more about undo feature in sketch

Sketch has 100 of smart plugins that change your design life easy

There are free and paid really cool plugin that can reduce your design time. specially mobile template symbols, export/import plugins for mobile devices are remarkable there are really awesome plugin you can do what ever you need. One of my client needed to export the design(140 pages) as one PDF file. I just installed a sketch plugin and did that in a minute awesome isn’t it? there is another sketch plugin that I remember is when you need to generate sample/dummy data there is a cool plugin in sketch to generate user names emails etc.. See all sketch plugins from here

I have mentioned few feature among 100 and again i need to say you sketch is the best UX design tool that i have ever used. I am a windows fan over 20 years and I hate mac users. now I feel the Mac is the best operating system that I have used just because of the sketch tool and I learn how to use Mac OS. and it is a really good operating system. Isn’t it ? 🙂

Cons. of using sketch

Sketch is a native mac app and there are no windows version.

There is a tool called lunacy that can open a sketch file in windows but it can not do the thing we do in sketch. If you need to use sketch and you have no budget to invest mac machine you can install VM in your windows and install mac on top of that and use sketch. I actually did this 🙂

Its not free

sketch trial version can only use one month but paying ~99$ one time is really worth see pricing

Adobe XD is getting more powerful in day by day

Yes its true that the adobe XD is getting more powerful UX tool. they have released a remarkable update recently trying catch the market. I am really happy about this because it comes totally free for now. Yes Adobe XD is the best alternative to sketch but I need to tell you that sketch still more powerful than adobe XD but I am pretty sure adobe XD will catch the market very soon.

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