Automation In photoshop (How to repeat a same editing for multiple images)

Photoshop is very powerful but sometimes simple tasks can get repetitive and tedious. Here’s a look at how to automate just about anything in Photoshop using Photoshop actions.

Exmaple : I’m going to  edit 100 images with following edits

  • re-size 600px * 400px
  • increase brightness
  • reduce image size
  • save

Step 01

create your action script go window—–>actions


click on new action —> Record then edit a single image with following editing

  • re-size 600px * 400px
  • increase brightness
  • reduce image size
  • save

then stop recoding action using the square mark in bottom of the action pallet my recorded action will appear like the following


Step 02

Now i am going to do the same thing in 100 times using Photoshop automation . Go —> File —>Automation —> Batch


in the above window you may have to do some configuration

(01) Make sure to select an action using the drop down menu near Action

(02) Select the source folder that included the 100 of images in your computer

(03) Select the destination folder to save the output

(04) Click ok

That’s all try it it will save your time more… 🙂

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